Hi! Thanks for your interest in the workshop!

I’m so excited to offer this completely different experience because I believe it holds the secret to success that everyone needs to know. It’s been something I’ve been mulling for a quite some time and finally pulled the trigger. (Hey, I had an intention!)

Here’s the deal: My most successful clients make amazing progress toward achieving their goals not just because they are amazing goal setters and action takers, but because they are clear in setting and following their intentions. Sure, sometimes my clients need to get some clarity on what they even want first. But once they get clear, their intentions lead the way.

That is what sets my extraordinarily successful clients apart — having intentions.


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Danielle Droitsch

I personally have experienced the power of intentions. I am a serial goal setter and take action like no one else. But it’s only been when I set my intentions that I start to see real change in my life.

It’s not all woo woo either. It’s a real planning tool that few pick up or use the right way. I incorporate intentions into my coaching practice, Time for Your Coaching (I’m a certified life coach trained by the Martha Beck Institute and a Gallup-trained strengths-finder coach), and have developed this training to help others learn how powerful intentions are to creating their ideal life.

I live in Arlington, Virginia, with my husband Dave, my daughter Eleanor, and our dog Elvis. I have family in Utah and all across Canada, and I’m a trained lawyer with  25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector.



Carrie Patterson

I’ve worked with hundreds of people as both art students and members of the community to make art a part of their lives.

I lead product design for the Intend workshop so anyone of any background can create an elegant intention box that best reflects them.

With over twenty years of experience teaching artists of all ages, I am an artist and art educator. I write accessible art curriculum highlighting artistic skill building, individual visual expression, and life long learning. 

I founded The Yellow Line, a company that makes innovative monthly subscription art projects for kids. I am a Professor of Art at St. Mary's College of Maryland, where I teach drawing and painting, and I recently authored of How to See, a Great Course produced by The Teaching Company.

I live in Leonardtown Maryland with my husband Doug, daughter Georgia, and son Xander.


Intention is one with cause and effect. Intention determines outcome. And if you’re stuck and not moving forward, you have to check the thought and the action that created the circumstance.
— Oprah