Frequently Asked Questions



I want to host a workshop in my home, but I’m not sure what I need to do.

Hosting a workshop in your home is easier than you think.You’ll receive a step-by-step guide on how to host a workshop in your home, including template emails to make reaching out to friends and family easy. Remember, we show up with all of the materials so your job is just to get people to your home.


Can the workshop be tailored to my business/organization?

We can absolutely tailor the workshop for you. There is no charge for slight modifications that speak to your audience. If you are looking for a little more than a small modification, there may be a charge. But let’s talk and see what you need!


Is this a woo woo workshop?

There is nothing woo woo about this workshop. The craziest thing we do are exercises to help you quiet your mind and let your imagination and intuition do a little work for once. We lean on proven techniques for achieving goals.


What is the best location to host a workshop?

You can host the workshop anywhere as long as you have tables and chairs. We ask the host to provide a room with one large table or several smaller tables where each participant can sit, fill out their workbooks, and craft their box. The table will be used for creation of the intention box, which includes painting activities,  We will bring clothes to cover and protect the tables.


What should participants wear?

Participants do not need to wear anything special.  We do suggest clothing! We will bring aprons for everyone because we will be working with paint.


What should the host bring?

The host can provide food and drinks if they wish.


Will participants be expected to share personal information at the event?

Participants will not be asked to share personal information, other than their name and any experience they have with setting intentions. Some people enjoy sharing their thoughts for the future while others understandably would prefer to tackle their planning without sharing.  While the event is interactive in nature, participants are under no obligation to share anything of a personal nature.


What if I can’t create intentions?

If you have any future ahead of you, you likely can create intentions. If you have life or professional goals, then you likely can craft intentions.


I’m not about the future, I just want to live in the present. Is this workshop for me?

Setting intentions is about making a commitment to yourself for how you want to live your life and move forward. If part of that includes mindfulness and presence, then you can absolutely set intentions for that. This workshop has plenty about presence and mindfulness.


How practical is this workshop?

If you are a planner, this workshop will add a new tool to your arsenal to help you reach your goals. If you find that you sometimes implement some goals but not others, you will see how intention setting can be powerful to help you make plans for the future.


How does the box making work?

Shortly after you arrive, you will have a chance to pick out a box of your choice. You will have a chance to pick paint colors for your box (we have colors that will appeal to everyone), as well as decorations. At various intervals throughout the workshop, you will have a chance to decorate the box.


What if I have to arrive late/depart early?

We certainly encourage you to be present for the entire workshop so you get the most benefit from it. If you can only be there for a small part of the workshop, you may not be able to make an intentions box.



Have a question we didn’t answer?

For more information, contact Danielle Droitsch via email at or phone at 202-615-3770.