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Create your ideal year.


Design Your Future

Harnessing creativity and intention to create your ideal year

Part workshop, part vision session, part art project. Intend: Design Your Future is an interactive, hands-on experience for those who want effective tools to create a fulfilled year.  

You will experience a unique way to plan for the future, drawing on mindfulness, connection, creativity, and imagination. The culmination of the workshop is the creation of a beautiful box filled with newly set intentions. This workshop is all about firing up your energy to help you meet your goals and achieve your dreams.

Be intentional.

Part workshop.
Part vision session.
Part art project.


Design your future

The Workshop

Intend: Design Your Future is a facilitated workshop led by a life coach and perfect for any group looking for a purposeful, inspired, and creative event. It is practical, offering a completely new way to achieve personal goals. It is eye-opening, explaining how intentions act as the driver to setting and achieving goals. It is energizing, tapping in to connection, mindfulness, and the power of dreams. It is creative, allowing everyone to design their own personal intentions box.


Whether held at work or in the home, the workshop offers everyone:

  • Relaxation and decompression from life's daily demands, plus connection to others through a shared experience.

  • Clarity on what you want to feel and what outcomes you want to achieve for your future.

  • Conviction about what's important and where you want to focus your time.

  • A realization that intentions are powerful and drive a successful and ideal year.

  • The exact process you need to create powerful written intentions and tools and exercises to help you realize your intentions.

  • Materials and support to create a unique and beautiful intentions box.

  • Empowerment, knowing you can make your newly created intentions real.


 An interactive workshop instilling excitement about the possibility of change.


You will walk away with a workbook, a newly created intentions box, and your written intentions on elegant paper.



For the Workplace

Are you a business owner or team leader looking for a new way to motivate and inspire your employees? Build your team's ability to create powerful intentions and achieve their professional and personal goals.

For Nonprofits, Associations, and Co-working spaces

Are you looking for a purposeful, creative, and inspirational experience for your members? Offer them the opportunity to connect with one another while simultaneously pursuing an introspective and creative experience.

For Gatherings at Home

Are you looking to host a fun event that creates a unique experience unlike any other? The workshop can be held in the comfort of your home and give your friends and family the experience of a lifetime. It is perfect to mark a birthday, graduation, engagement, a women’s gathering, or just for fun.

The mind is everything.
What you think you become.
— Buddha
I loved how open this workshop was! I think the flow of the workshop was perfect. Very calming and I had something to keep my hands busy while listening.
— Workshop Participant